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Transportation & Aviation

The Capital Advance Transportation Finance Group places special emphasis on titled vehicles and aviation asset finance. Our structures, product offerings and asset knowledge in these two areas provide our customers with a competitive advantage.

We provide trucking companies with TRAC leases for their fleet purchases while remaining vendor neutral. Our experience in aviation finance allows us to pursue cargo planes, corporate jets, helicopters and even aviation related assets like ground handling equipment. Based on our extensive experience within the ground handling segment we are very comfortable with both new and used assets.

We are pleased to provide you with the following Solution Profiles from our Transportation Finance Group for your review:

Freight Forwarding

A large freight forwarding company maintained a significant banking relationship for the financing of their large cargo planes. The challenge they were having was in securing financing for all of the smaller equipment acquisitions- items that added up to $15,000,000 a year in equipment financing. This list includes telecommunications, ground handling equipment (located all over the world) and helicopters. Capital Advance has been able to provide the lease financing for all of these items as well as provide financing for buy-outs of old leases and the management reporting of all of these assets and schedules for our client.

Helicopter Services

A helicopter services company utilizes a variety of lenders for their ongoing fleet acquisitions. Capital Advance was given the opportunity to bid and subsequently won the leasing for their Augusta-Westland 139 Helicopter acquisitions. Each Helicopter cost approximately $11,000,000. Based on the demand for the helicopters the client needed to make down payments over a twelve month time frame to hold a line position with the manufacturer.

Capital Advance provided the financing of the deposits required to hold the line position, as well as the “take out” lease once the helicopter was delivered. The ultimate lease was structured as a ten year tax oriented lease. This passed along a more favorable rate to the customer in exchange for the depreciation benefits being held by the lessor.

Mid-Western Trucking Company

A small, but growing, mid-western trucking company, required ongoing tractor and trailer purchases to expand their business. They found that their lead bank and vendor supplied financing didn’t fulfill their ongoing financing needs.

Capital Advance structured individual schedules as traditional Loans or TRAC leases as the tax needs of the owner of the company dictated. Capital Advance provided same day payment to the dealer upon equipment delivery. During a period of increased gas prices and increasing operating expenses for the customer, Capital Advance provided step-up payment structures to ease initial cash flow on the acquisitions.