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Credit Application: Apply Online

Please take a few minutes to complete and submit our online credit application. The more complete the application is the faster we will be able to respond.

You may also download a printable form in Acrobat Reader format here. (Fax the completed page to 1-949-645-9163.)

Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail if you have any questions .

Transaction Detail
Term Finance Amount $

Customer Information
Legal Company Name Fed ID DUNS#
dba Years In Business
(current ownership)
Yrs Mos
Street Address Contact Name
City Email
State Zip Fax

Company Structure
Sole Proprietor C-Corporation Non-Profit Municipal
Partnership S-Corporation LLC Other

Bank Reference(s)
Name Name
Acct # Acct #
Phone Phone
Contact Contact

Personal Information (Guarantors for closely held businesses. REQUIRES Guarantor Declaration below.)
Name Name
Home Address Home Address
City City
State Zip State Zip
Title Title
% Owner % Owner
Guarantor Declaration* Guarantor Declaration*
*I certify that the information given for credit purposes is true and correct; authorizes Capital Advance Leasing, Inc., its designee, assigns and any credit bureau or other investigative Agency to investigate the references, statements and other information accompanying this application; and, expressly authorizes that bank and trade references listed above to release credit and information requested for considering applicant and subsequently for the purposes of update, renewal, or extension of such credit or additional credit as part of said investigation.

Trade References
Supplier Supplier
Acct # Acct #
Phone Phone
Contact Contact

Past Lease/Loan References (REQUIRED for applications over $35,000)
Lender Lender
Acct # Acct #
Phone Phone
Contact Contact

Applicant Declaration
As an authorized signor l permit all deposit, borrowing, and trade information to be released to Lessor for review. I attest all above information is true, correct, and complete. Lessor adheres to all regulations under the Federal Equal Opportunity Act during credit evaluation. If the application has been denied and you require written explanation, please remit a written request to Capital Advance Leasing, Inc. within 60 days of submission, and a statement will be sent to you within 30 days.

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