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Partners Overview

Leasing Programs that Further Your Business Goals
Capital Advance's vendor leasing programs are as unique as the equipment manufacturers and software companies we partner with. Unlike traditional lenders who limit financing options to generic transactions, Capital Advance's flexibility enables us to build customized lease financing that help you overcome marketing, sales, and distribution challenges.

Long Term Stability
Our experience and broad portfolio of funding relationships eliminates clients' risks of having to rely on a single funding source. We've weathered economic extremes-and enabled our clients to do the same.

Integral Part of Sales Cycle
While many financing programs are introduced post-sale, Capital Advance's are often an integral and key component of our vendors' sales strategies. By creating financing solutions that address each client's unique marketing, sales, and distribution strategies, Capital Advance leasing creates sales opportunities. Capital Advance measures the true success of its programs by the amount of incremental sales generated for our partners.


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Diversified Funding
Since inception, Capital Advance has been providing its vendor partners with a wide range of funding capabilities for constructing vendor financing programs. More choices deliver more flexibility; more flexibility enables us to tailor programs that effectively deliver results to your bottom line.

Some of the features and benefits we offer are:

  • Application Only to $75,000
  • Competitive Industry Pricing
  • Flexible Lease Terms
  • Stable, Proven Credit Policies
  • On-line Applications
  • Timely Credit Approvals
  • Private Label Documentation
  • Step, Skip, Seasonal and Deferred Payment Structures
  • Knowledgeable, Experienced Sales Professionals
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