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Lessees: Products and Services Overview

Standard Finance Products

  • The Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease
    The FMV Lease is the most popular lease plan. It offers the lowest monthly payments, and when the lease ends lessees can choose among one of several end-of-lease options (including purchase the equipment at its fair market value, trade-up to new equipment, continue to lease the equipment or simply return the equipment.) If the lessee chooses to purchase the technology, a Fair Market Value lease calls for the price to be set at the fair market value - that is, whatever the technology is worth at the time. This figure, of course, is based on a wide range of factors ... how old the equipment is, its condition, and the extent to which a used market exists.
  • Fixed Priced Purchase Option Lease
    At the outset, this plan establishes that when the lease ends, the equipment can be purchased for 10% of its original cost. Of course, the lessee isn't obligated to exercise the purchase option. The lessee may also trade-up or return the equipment offering end-of-lease flexibility while pre-determining the equipment purchase price at the end of the lease term.
  • Full Payment Lease
    Under this plan, the lessee has all the advantages of leasing with fixed monthly payments, with the guaranteed option to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease term for just $1.00.
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